Alton Sterling

"They got me trapped

Can barely walk tha city streets

Without a cop harrassing me, searching me

Then asking my identity

Hands up, throw me up against tha wall

Didn't do a thing at all

I'm tellen you one day these suckers gotta fall

Cuffed up throw me on tha concrete

Coppers try to kill me

But they didn't know this was tha wrong street

Bang bang, down another casualty

But it's a cop who's shot there's brutality

Who do you blame?

It's a shame because tha mans slain

He got caught in tha chains of his own game

How can I feel guilty after all tha things they did to me." 

- Tupac

Philando Castile





















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We are Black and United Radio Network highlights!

That Jams-     Lil Snupe

They say all the good music is gone. But let me tell you something it may be rare but it's a few still holding it down. AND 90s BABIES are holding it down. Self proclaimed Freestyle King may you Rest In Power! Louisiana where you at!?

The Thugs Rap Session-The Black Man Returns

With the recent episode of Kanye West's predicament observed world wide. Like Lupe Fiasco says. Let me put you on game. The time is now. The Black Man is getting back in his position. But there are so many misunderstandings on what the black man goes through, or how he goes through it. So it's rant with love time. We are discussing Black Mental Health.

That Jams-King of the Ghetto

Nothing short than legendary. Voicing the ghetto through his soul. Z-Ro always keeps it 100% real. SO this a hustler's edition.

Queen's Conversation-Queens Strength

Like many others, hearts are heavy, minds ae exhausted, consciouses are confused, souls are aching. That's the reality we all live in. What must we do going forward? Stand up, they knock us down. Comply while they still attack? Become defenseless while they execute military style? Our black families are suffering, children are losing their mothers and fathers. Queens must continue to show our strength as the backbone of the BLACK FAMILY.

We are Black and United

We build and maintain our community together, make our brother's and sister's problems OUR problems, and WE SOLVE THEM TOGETHER! We are BLACK and UNITED

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